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Sober Living Homes, also known as sober living facilities and sober living communities, are establishments that offer structured, residential living conditions …


8128 AZ-69 Suite 111, Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314

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Terros Health- Mobile Crisis

Sober Living Homes, also known as sober living facilities and sober living communities, are establishments that offer structured, residential living conditions and safe, supportive, therapeutic living conditions to individuals leaving drug addiction programs. As the name implies, these homes are designed to provide a safe and secure environment in which to recover from addiction. These facilities can be found throughout the United States and throughout the world. The most commonly found sobered living homes include sober living communities, outpatient treatment centers, and treatment centers. The specific needs of each individual patient will determine the specific types of residential-intensive treatment services that are offered by an addiction recovery facility.

In a typical sobered living community, patients have the ability to live independently of other patients and live as independently as possible while receiving all of the medical and mental health care and assistance that they need. There are many types of sobered living community programs including: sober living apartments, sobered living condos, sobered living apartments, and sobered living homes. Sober residential housing also includes group homes, boarding schools and juvenile correctional facilities. For those seeking to participate in a drug treatment program, sobered living homes offer a secure environment where patients can live with other recovering addicts and receive counseling and medical treatments as needed. Many of these residential facilities provide residential therapy programs in conjunction with traditional addiction treatment programs in order to facilitate successful detoxification.

In addition to providing residential-intensive treatment services, many of the residential-intensive treatment services offered by these facilities incorporate spiritual, educational, recreational and/or social programming. Many patients may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms and in order to minimize the negative impact of withdrawal on their lives, sobered living homes often incorporate activities that can alleviate symptoms such as exercise, relaxation and group interaction. In addition to providing residential-intensive services, these facilities may also offer outpatient programs or inpatient programs if needed. Many sobered living homes include detoxification programs for recovering addicts. These detoxification programs are designed to eliminate the cravings for drugs or alcohol and provide patients with the tools necessary to lead productive and successful lives after recovery. Often, detoxification programs are conducted in conjunction with other detoxification programs to ensure that patients do not have withdrawal symptoms or return to their previous habits.

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