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“Advanced Sober living of Arizona offers a unique sober living environment that is tailored to meet the needs of men and women struggling with alcohol addiction…


3440 E Shangri La Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85028

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  • Sober Living
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Advanced Sober Living of Arizona

“Advanced Sober living of Arizona offers a unique sober living environment that is tailored to meet the needs of men and women struggling with alcohol addiction.” “With our community centered, drug and alcohol treatment programs, we take a holistic approach to recovery that helps people develop skills to live a life free of substance abuse. Our programs give our clients access to resources and information that they need to succeed. Our so-called “advanced” programs are designed around the individual needs of each client and provide one on one assistance that keeps them connected to a supportive and caring group of peers and staff members. Our services include comprehensive detoxification and outpatient support programs, as well as individual and group counseling and treatment options.” “We offer a unique and comprehensive program of individual and group treatment and support.

These Arizona Sober living homes offer detoxification, alcohol treatment programs, and outpatient and residential support programs. Our comprehensive residential recovery services center specializes in both detoxification and treatment for all kinds of addictions. These residential centers are specially designed and equipped to meet the personal needs of each of our clients. There are many benefits to using an Arizona Sober living home: “The most important thing about an AA residential treatment facility is the opportunity to connect with other recovering alcoholics and people that share your journey. Our treatment programs help you become a stronger person who can face the challenges that life presents us with without fear or doubt.”

“Our Arizona Sober living homes will allow you to experience living a life of sober living while receiving ongoing support and guidance from trained and skilled staff that specialize in the treatment of alcohol abuse and its related disorders. They also offer education and information on how to lead a healthy, active and rewarding life after treatment is completed. Our residential treatment programs offer 24 hour monitoring of your progress, as well as group and personal therapy and support groups that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. . Our mission is to help you become the best possible person you can be.”

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