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“Bradford Health Care Services is committed to providing a safe, sober, and nurturing environment for those who experience substance abuse or dependence and to …


386 St Lukes Dr Suite 200, Montgomery, Alabama 36117

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  • Sober Living
  • Transitional Housing

Bradford Health Services Montgomery AL 36117

“Bradford Health Care Services is committed to providing a safe, sober, and nurturing environment for those who experience substance abuse or dependence and to supporting the individuals who suffer from these conditions. We have been providing alcohol and drug treatment to adults, teenagers and children for almost 40 years. Because we opened our first doors over 40 years ago we have been consistently innovating and implementing a customized, individualized treatment plan for every patient in our care. Our team provides a variety of programs to address individual needs of all patients. Our programs are designed to provide a comprehensive service for those experiencing drug dependence or alcoholism.

Inpatient programs offered at our Montgomery facility include detoxification and outpatient treatment for alcohol and other substance abuse treatments. Our residential treatment program is designed to meet the specific needs of those seeking sobriety and rehabilitation from drug abuse and alcoholism. Our transitional living program is designed to assist those who live with substance abuse issues in their transition from home to treatment and from treatment to home. Our community based service programs are designed to meet the basic needs of families and individuals who are impacted by substance abuse and alcohol dependence. We also offer group therapy, individual counseling and individual education programs. Our treatment center staff is committed to making every patient feel as comfortable as possible, so they will participate actively in the programs and treatments offered at our facilities. This commitment includes training staff members to recognize behavioral symptoms and developing a customized treatment program tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Sober Living at Bradford Health Services is a non-profit organization that works diligently to ensure that all its clients receive high quality and effective care from qualified professionals. Bradford Health Services operates on a model of providing services free of charge to anyone in need. The services that are offered to residents at Bradford Health Services are geared towards addressing specific needs. All residents will receive the same high standard of care that the agency provides to patients admitted to a hospital. or rehab. Each resident will be provided the same treatment that is provided at one of our hospitals across the country to those who undergo a long term stay in the hospital.

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