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Bradford Health Services Montgomery AL 36117

"Bradford Health Care Services is committed to providing a safe, sober, and nurturing environment for those who experience substance abuse...
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Montgomery Metro Treatment Center Montgomery AL 36117

"Sober Living in Montgomery Alabama" is a drug addiction treatment program for alcoholics, heroin addicts and people with drug and...
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More Information about Sober Living in Montgomery Alabama

If you have decided that transitioning to a sober lifestyle is right for you, then information about sober living in Montgomery Alabama is for you. This beautiful southern town in the Gulf of Mexico has been a haven for people for decades who are tired of the alcohol and drug culture that has taken over much of our society. There are many fine hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments, and rental homes available to rent or live in. Some of the more interesting centers for this type of living include the Transitional Living Center, The Gathering Place, and the Iron Gate Inn. Transitional Living Center is an excellent center for anyone interested in learning how to maintain sobriety. Here, residents will gain hands-on training in areas such as alcohol or drug abuse prevention, healthy relationship strategies, day care coordination, nutritional counseling, and other related areas. In short, you will learn a wide array of skills that will help you lead a better life, and maybe even return to a previous stage of life. The Gathering Place is another great place to go if you are looking for information about sober living in Montgomery Alabama. This lovely community is owned and operated by the Gathering Place Foundation, and it is located near the University of Alabama. The Gathering Place features many fine dining restaurants, charming shops, and friendly, live, work-style establishments. You will not only experience a warm, welcoming atmosphere, but you will also be able to mingle with some very nice people. This transitional living facility is open to residents of all ages and offers lovely places to relax after a hard days work.